Eric Wakker

Eric Wakker

Eric Wakker

Founder & Partner | PowerSlim

Eric Wakker este un antreprenor experimentat si care a dezvoltat business-uri, la nivel international, in industria beauty, fitness, si pierderea in greutate. El vine cu o experienta antreprenoriala de peste 30 ani si o buna cunoastere a nevoilor consumatorilor, precum si antreprenorilor cu businessuri mici si medii, din sectoarele de beauty, fitness si pierderea in gretutate. A fondat PowerSlim in 2004, in Belgia, alaturi de o echipa de specialisti in nutritie, si a plecat de la ideea de a creea un produs care sa devina un mod de viata sanatos pentru clientul final.

PowerSlim este un concept de business care a dezvoltat o metoda proprie de pierdere in greutate, ce are la baza o combinatie isteata intre consultantul in nutritie si produsele alimentare (gama diversificata si care acopera toate mesele din zi: dimineata, pranz, gustari, seara). Cu aceasta combinatie, clientii ajung la o dieta echilibrata si rezultatul final (pierderea in gretutate, insa nu prin a invata sa manance mai putin, ci diferit). Aceasta este diferenta esentiala la PowerSlim. Gratie compozitiei produselor alimentare PowerSlim, rezervele de grasime din corp sunt folosite ca sursa de energie, in timp ce masa musculara ramane intacta. Din  acest motiv, se pierd multe kilograme si centimetri.

Leader de piata in Benelux, PowerSlim are ambitia de a deveni un brand global, urmare a acoperirii unei nevoi globale, si cererilor venite din intreaga lume pentru produsele PowerSlim. In Romani, Eric isi cauta un antreprenor experimentat care sa simta potentialul de dezvoltare locala si sa preia distributia exclusiva pe Romania. PowerSlim vine cu modelul complet de business: de la coaching pe nutritite, pana la gama diversificata de produse, sisteme de marketing si business control, care ii vor deservi partenerului sa construiasca o retea locala.

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Eric Wakker (1961 Haarlem) is an entrepreneur who has been operating in the beauty, fitness and weight loss industry for more than thirty years and knows the needs of consumers and small to mid-level entrepreneurs like the back of his hand. Eric Wakker is the CEO of PowerSlim Nederland BV and founded PowerSlim in 2004. PowerSlim International BV was founded in 2013.“We developed the PowerSlim concept, in which both consumer and nutrition coach experience excellent results. Any master franchise can get started right away using this concept; all of the processes and tools have already been developed, and they all contribute to a successful quick start.”

History and background

Eric Wakker developed PowerSlim in Belgium in 2004 and introduced it in the Netherlands in 2008.

Together with dietician Hylke Boelens and a team of specialists working for PowerSlim Nederland, he shaped the PowerSlim concept and developed it further.

PowerSlim is a weight loss method that has been specially developed for the beauty, women’s fitness and paramedical market segments. The program is quick and effective thanks to personal support by PowerSlim nutrition coaches and was developed by dieticians. Developing the various products happened very quickly; within one year, the PowerSlim range went from 60 to 80 products, and then up to 120 products as of 2015.

PowerSlim Nederland is the Benelux market leader in the Low Carb, High Protein segment. The development of the PowerSlim concept took 7 years, and as such, turnover development has been slower than we would have liked. In 2008, Hylke Boelens spent 50% of her time on the acquisition, and 50% on the concept and product development. By 2010, 2 additional dieticians had been employed for sales and client support. As of 2015, PowerSlim Nederland employs 4 dieticians in the Netherlands and 2 account managers/dieticians in Belgium.

The weight loss concept

The PowerSlim principle is based on the scientifically substantiated understanding that lowering one’s carbohydrate intake and increasing one’s protein intake is the most effective way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss in the long term. PowerSlim is a clever combination of foodstuffs and personal support. PowerSlim is not about eating less, but about learning to eat differently. That is the essential difference. Thanks to the foodstuffs’ optimal composition, the body’s natural fat reserves are used as a source for energy, while muscle mass stays intact. Because of this, the metabolism stays on track, and one loses many kilograms and centimeters.

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